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Mediterranean character

“Our menu can be defined as elaborate traditional cuisine with a touch of modernism, using high quality, local products while always respecting the principal flavors of the product and highlighting the mediterranean character of our background.”

– Josep Vidal, chef owner

Our menu

Gaspatxo amb Vieira $12

Chilled Tomato Soup-Seared Scallop

Escalivada amb ventresca $14

Catalan Vegetable Salad with Belly Tuna

Amanida Gaudí $15

Baked Potatoes-Idiazábal Cheese-Lettuce buds-prawns-Vegetable Vinaigrette

Amanida Mixta $12

Mixed Greens-Asparagus-Green Olives-Tomatoes-Red Onion-House Vinaigrette

Pernil Ibèric de gla i Pa amb Tomàquet $22

Ibérico Bellota Ham-Catalan Bread

Assortiment d’Ibèrics I Pa amb Tomàquet $18

Iberico Cured Meats Platter -Catalan Bread

Canelons Trufats $15

Stuffed Canelons-Chicken-Beef-Pork-Foie Gras-Black Truffle-Parmesan and Ementhal Cheese

Croquetes de Pernil Ibèric $8

Spanish Fritters of Ibérico Ham-Piquillo Sauce

Salpicó de Marisc $12

Spanish Style Ceviche

Graellada de Verdura Amb Romesco $14

Carrots-Cauliflower-Asparagus-Zucchini-Potato-Mushroom-Romesco Sauce

Pa Amb Tomàquet $4

Grilled Bread-Garlic-Tomatoes

20% gratuity included for parties of 6 or more ~ Corkage fee $20 per 750ml bottle Ask your waiter for vegetarian options ~ Please let us know of any food allergies

*price per person~minimum order for two or more*

Paella de Peix $22

Fish of the Day-Cuttlefish-Mussels-Clams-prawns

Arròs Negre $22

Squid Ink Seafood Paella-Alioli

Fideuà $20

Fideo Pasta Paella-Seafood-Alioli

Paella vegetariana $18

Vegetarian paella


*We use an exceptional high quality rice known as Acquerello from the Piedmont region of Italy. The time honored steps of aging, refining and enriching are indeed the ones that makes Acquerello tastier, richer and healthier. Famous among chefs and gourmet lovers it is considered the best rice in the world.

Rap Can Font $30

Monkfish-Potatoesl-Tomato-Balsamic reduction-Olive oil

Bacallà Musselina d’All $28

Fresh Cod- Garlic Mousseline-Tomato Concassé-Spinach-Game demi infused with Cointreau

Vieires amb Pop Poelé $35

Scallops-Octopus-Creamy Peas-Celery Roots Chips-Sprinkle of Iberico Ham

Porc ibèric al vi negre $34

Pork loin-braised artichoke-Rioja wine reduction

Ternasco amb Cava $32

Lamb Shank-Cava Demi – black olives-Parsnip

Ànec a la Taronja $34

Duck leg confit-Duck breast-pear-Port demi-infused orange


The main asset of Can Font is its cuisine. We offer you an extensive menu with the best gastronomic selection the market has to offer so you can choose among several menus specially made for your taste. You will enjoy all the flavors of the mediterranean with touches of the most avant-garde cuisine.

Some of the specialties that are prepared at the stoves of Can Font are wild fish, local meats and the best produce the season has to offer to allow for all the intensity of the flavors of the earth to come through. All these gastronomic suggestions have been mindfully designed for a beneficial and well balanced diet resulting in a delicious and healthy menu.

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